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malaysian pest control sdn bhd
malaysian pest control sdn bhd


Protect your valuable property from termites and avoid the stress! Let us help you with effective pest control services to prevent unimaginable damages.

malaysian pest control sdn bhd

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We offer solutions to various pest problems such as ants, cockroaches, leeches, snakes, mosquitoes, and more. Don’t let pests take over your property. Let us help you.

malaysian pest control sdn bhd

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Spraying aerosol insecticide when you see ants at home might seem like a quick fix, but it can cause a phenomenon called budding. Budding occurs when a portion of the disrupted ant colony disperses to form new colonies, often leading to an even bigger problem as the ants spread out to new areas of your home.Budding is a survival mechanism for ants. When their colony is threatened, some ants, including queens, will relocate and establish new colonies. This makes the problem worse over time.Malaysian Pest Control provides a professional and effective solution to ant infestations. Instead of using aerosols, we use ant baits that target and destroy the entire colony. Our approach ensures that the queen and workers are eliminated, preventing budding and providing a long-term solution to your ant problem. Trust us to handle your pest issues with expertise and care.For consultation or just want to know more, Whatsapp our friendly Sales & Customer Care Manager, Mohd Najmuddin +60162911577———Menyembur racun serangga aerosol apabila anda melihat semut di rumah mungkin kelihatan seperti penyelesaian cepat, tetapi ia boleh menyebabkan fenomena yang dipanggil budding. Budding berlaku apabila sebahagian daripada koloni semut yang terganggu berpindah untuk membentuk koloni baru, sering membawa kepada masalah yang lebih besar kerana semut merebak ke kawasan baru di rumah anda.Budding adalah mekanisme kelangsungan hidup untuk semut. Apabila koloni mereka terancam, beberapa semut, termasuk ratu, akan berpindah dan menubuhkan koloni baru. Ini menjadikan masalah semakin buruk dari masa ke masa.Malaysian Pest Control menyediakan penyelesaian profesional dan berkesan untuk masalah serangan semut. Kami menggunakan umpan semut yang mensasarkan dan memusnahkan seluruh koloni. Pendekatan kami memastikan ratu dan pekerja semut dihapuskan, menghalang berlakunya budding dan menyediakan penyelesaian jangka panjang kepada masalah semut anda. Percayalah kami untuk menangani masalah perosak anda dengan kepakaran dan perhatian.Untuk konsultasi atau ingin tahu lebih lanjut, WhatsApp Pengurus Jualan & Khidmat Pelanggan kami yang mesra, Mohd Najmuddin +60162911577______当你在家中看到蚂蚁时喷洒气雾杀虫剂可能看起来是个快速的解决办法,但它可能会导致一种称为分巢的现象。分巢发生在当蚂蚁群体受到干扰时,一部分蚂蚁会分散出去形成新的蚁巢,这通常会导致问题变得更严重,因为蚂蚁会扩散到你家的新区域。分巢是蚂蚁的一种生存机制。当它们的蚁巢受到威胁时,一些蚂蚁,包括蚁后,会迁移并建立新的蚁巢。这会随着时间的推移使问题变得更加严重。马来西亚害虫控制提供专业和有效的解决方案来处理蚂蚁入侵。我们使用蚂蚁诱饵来针对并消灭整个蚁巢。我们的方法确保蚁后和工蚁被消灭,从而防止分巢的发生,为您的蚂蚁问题提供长期的解决方案。相信我们会以专业和关爱来处理您的害虫问题。如需咨询或了解更多信息,请通过WhatsApp联系我们友好的销售与客户服务经理Mohd Najmuddin +60162911577 See MoreSee Less
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Did you know? Centipedes are not just creepy crawlies; they are venomous and can be deadly to babies if allergic reaction is not attended to fast. However they usually do not pose threat to human or your domestic pets. They are by itself creepy, especially they usually appear in horror movies. Why do you see centipedes regularly at your premises? Seeing one centipede once a blue moon is usually not a concern but if you have frequent sighting, it can point to pest infestation in your home. The abundance food for centipede would naturally attract them – they love termites, cockroaches, spiders. They dwell at damp, dark environment. So these too are places you would expect termites and cockroaches activities. Where can centipedes be found?• Basements• Under sinks• In bathtubs• Under leaking pipes• Boxes• Floor drainsFrequent occurrences of centipedes might be a sign of a pest infestation. If you notice them often, it might be time to call Malaysian Pest Control to handle the problem effectively.** Photo credit: Wikipedia where it also quoted a reference: S. subspinipes venom normally causes extreme pain, among other symptoms. A fatal case was reported in the Philippines in which the centipede bit a 7-year-old girl on her head. She died 29 hours later. See MoreSee Less
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Do you know Dragonfly is a beneficial insect because they actually help eat up other smaller flying insects like mosquitos and house flies. One dragon fly alone is able to eat 30-100 mosquitos a day. But Other Pest Problems, you can contact Malaysian Pest ControlWhatsapp our super friendly Sales Manager Mr Mohd Najmuddin @ +60162911577*Image made with AI*****Adakah anda tahu bahawa pepatung adalah serangga yang bermanfaat kerana mereka sebenarnya membantu memakan serangga terbang yang lebih kecil seperti nyamuk dan lalat rumah. Seekor pepatung sahaja mampu memakan 30-100 nyamuk sehari.****你知道蜻蜓是一种有益的昆虫吗?因为它们实际上可以帮助吃掉其他较小的飞行昆虫,如蚊子和家蝇。一只蜻蜓一天能够吃掉30-100只蚊子。 See MoreSee Less
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